Curbs and Ramps

Product Overview:
Available in several options for shower entry designs where transitions are required. LUX curbs and ramps can be installed with Fundo shower bases, as well as conventional mortar bed systems. Waterproof and versatile, our curbs and ramps may be tiled before glass doors, panels or glass blocks are installed. Epoxy glue is recommended instead of screw fasteners when installing shower door tracks. The solid curb options are slightly sloped on the top surface so water will run back into the shower. Solid curbs carry a weight of up to 280 lbs/ft. once tiled. The LUX ramp is ADA compliant.

Product Size (can be customized):

1. New Construction of Residential/Commercial use buildings
2. Renovation in Residential/Commercial use buildings
3. For barrier free or curbed installations
4. For customized or standard tiled showers
5. Over wooden or concrete substructures