LUX BOARDS-bathtub

When installing bath tubs at home, bath tubs always need to be enclosed and tiled with kinds of modified tiles. It's time labor consuming. Hower LUX construction boards help to finish this hard job easier. In the process of installation, LUX board can be cut into any suitable shape, so what we need to do is just fix boards with adhesive, seal all joints with sealant for waterproofing and tiles.

Usually, the LUX thickness  for bathtub is  30mm and 50mm. If match with the LUX Board, you can get the ideal shapes easily.

How to install them ?

We need four steps .

First, cutting LUX board into parts with knife or cutting tool according to the bathtub shapes.Then making the parts that like building blocks together with PU adhesive.Third, dealing with all joints and water leakage places by using self-adhesive mech or waterproof tape respectively. At last, tiling after glue dry completely .

The whole process of the installation is very simple and interesting, you can even invite your children to help you finish the work.