LUX BOARDS-Concrete floors

When installed over concrete floors, LUX building boards function as a crack-isolation membrane,  as cracks are not likely to transfer through the polystyrene core of the boards. The polystyrene foam also acts as a moisture barrier, thus, when the seams are propely treated, the system is 100% waterproof. The LUX boards are also used as thermal insulation,especially when installed underneath electric heating and floor warming system.   

Make sure the concrete floor is fully cured and free of debris, oil or waxes.                                                                                                                    

Modified mortar, combed through with a notch trowel, will the provide a ribbed bed on which LUX boards will be laid.

Push LUX boards onto the floor, all boards are dislocation arrangement

Tape all joints with self-adhesive mesh in dry areas.Waterproof tape to be appiled over all joints if a waterprrof installation is required. Set you tile now.